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About Us

Graduate Institute of Athletics and Coaching Science was created in 2012 following the merger between the Graduate Institute of Coaching Science (created in 1994) and Graduate Institute of Sport Training Science (created in 2003).
     The aim of the Institute is to foster excellent coaches and to train students studying in coaching science. Most students studying in the Institute are either distinguished athletes or coaches or people who are interested in studying coaching science. The ultimate goal is to expand knowledge of related sciences and provide coaches with opportunities for advanced study in order to promote the performance and competition levels in the nation. The most distinct features of the Institute are that with practical aspects being stressed, both instructions and applications are equally emphasised in courses. Courses provide a lively and vigorous atmosphere, and that in courses sciences, plans, and designs of sports coaching and training, psychological skill training, athletes' counseling and guidance, and other knowledge are developed on the foundation of sports physiology, sports psychology, sports nutrition, sports medicine and sports biomechanics. Besides, the institute provides the opportunity of international cooperation in research and application, in order to broaden the students’ international vision and increase the depth of international cooperation. International students are also welcome to pursue a doctoral degree in this department.