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Biochemistry and Nutrition of Sport Training

Biochemistry and Nutrition of Sport Training Research Laboratory

The main research interest within the laboratory is to assess the specific biomarkers of nutritional supplements and/or physiological effects in sports training. The primary investigator of the research laboratory is Dr. Kuei-Hui Chan who was trained and got her PhD degree from the National Taiwan Sports University, Taiwan. All research projects within the research group were carried out via different parameters of blood and/or physiology base on the characteristics of the supplement and/or training. The research team looks forward to bringing nutrition and training information to athletes to enhance performance and maintain health.

n   NSC research grant  2013/8~2014/7

Effects of creatine supplementation on athletic performance and stress biomarker after the complex training with individual postactivation potentiation period (NSC 102-2410-H-179 -002)

n   NSC research grant 2011/8~2013/7

The status of sex hormones, bone metabolism marker and bone mineral density among female college athletes with menstrual irregularity (NSC 100-2410-H-179 -004 -MY2)

n   NSC research grant 2010/8~2011/7

Effects of different oral rehydration solutions supplementation on fluid replacement and anaerobic power in weightlifters (NSC 99-2410-H-179 -11)







The research group collaborates with Dr. Mei-Chich Hsu (Kaohsiung Medical University), Dr. Wen-Chih Lee (Shih Hsin University), Dr. Ting-Yao Wang (Tzu Chi College of Technology), Dr. Li-Lan Fu and Dr. Yu-Kai Chang (National Taiwan Sports University).

Our research is reflected in the following:

n   Publication in national/international (SCI) journals


n   Grants from the National Science Council (NSC), Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, business companies in sports industry


n   Sports science service of athletes in our national team